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Welcome To My   Library

My library is my sanctuary. I believe that bedtime stories are not solely the purview of precious little ones whom focus raptly with wide eyed wonder and hang on your every word, no doubt swelling your heart with love, warmth and a great since of fulfillment. No, what I'm speaking of are all those lovely warm tingly sensations, that never fail to occur at the soft whisper of his voice at the nape of your neck, while reading your latest Antique tome. Wadsworth, Shakespeare, Longfellow, Hughes, Moliere, Voltaire, Rousseau, Dumas, Balzac, Tolstoy, Dickens. Funny how the sound of his voice, the mere brush of his fingers across my brow, can still elicit the most wonderful . . .

Snuggling in his embrace, sipping cognac, while valiantly attempting to focus on the words those delectable lips are forming, I will admit can be trying at times, but they are the memories that sustain my life, and reside in the naughty little spaces reserved and awakened only by him. The sensuous, melodious sound of his voice, whilst indulging in our favorite bedtime ritual; by candle light and roaring fire, with exotic delicacies, and aromatic libations. Plush throws and cushions, add much in the way of comfort.

If you are a Bibliophile, who like me find Romance in the written word, and revel in the sensual pleasures of sharing that love with your partner, then I believe you'll enjoy my library. I hope you'll peruse my shelves, and enjoy my modest assessments and critiques of the offerings. More exciting for me will be to hear your opinions, critiques, and feelings. Together I believe we will discover that special book or books, that arouses in you all the passions one is meant to feel when indulging in a shared love of Poetry and Prose, thus creating a Romantic Bedtime Ritual of your own . . .

You are cordially invited to join the:

" Precociously  Provocative  Bibliomaniac's"

A club designed for the Romantic Heroine in all of us!

'A room without books is like a body without a soul'

Marcus Tullius Cicero