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  • Please honor me weekly with your presence. I promise to make your attendance worthwhile. I will reveal a new offering, and the extraordinary and titillating 'Love Story' that accompanies it ! Best of all I promise not to leave out any of the passionate details!

  • For you Bibliophiles we will be offering a special treat ! Stay tuned to learn more ( it involves Shakespeare, Poe, Tolstoy, Dickens, Dumas, Bronte, and many many more, including the infamous "R.R.Martin"), blogging, and a lot of other technical What-Nots, I'm sure you'll enjoy !

  • Also I hope you'll enjoy our featured 'Artist' of the month. We hope to be able to serve as a vehicle for International sharing and growing through the open exchange of the Arts from around the world.

  • And One of my favorite sections will be the recipes designed for Romance; Sinfully Scrumptious repast, that you'll not soon forget !

  • I hope that you'll contribute to the gallery of you ("Much Adu about You") I cannot wait to see all the wonderful, beautiful, wacky, fun and poignant, sometimes sad, and always fascinating recipients of your Love and Admiration !

  • And please enjoy all the wonderful offerings in "Algernon's Journey" our Antique Emporium !

  • For all of you, who like myself feel the need to indulge in a fantasy filled form of escapism, you will want to join one of our membership only clubs such as; The Magic Carpet Membership, The "Precociously Provocative Bibliomaniac's" (P.P.B's. for short), or The Grown-up Lullaby Fan club; where we will endeavor to embark on a fanciful path dedicated to arousing the submerged passions and desires that we strive to repress in our everyday lives.


  • Lastly I've left a place for your Secret Desires. Where you can leave me a request, and I will do my best to locate your "Secret Antiquarian Desires".

To Be , or Not To Be,

That Is The Question

Who  Are We . . .

"Algernon's Journey" is a Romantic Fantasy Lifestyle website, Antique Emporium, Blog and Club; but best of all the "Love Story" , precipitated by a mutual love of Literature, History, Antiques, and Travel, and a passion for political, environmental, human and animal rights. It is my sincere desire that each offering becomes as much a part of your love story as they have been mine; in this way continuing the legacy of my Algernon's Generosity and Love! My fondest wish is to meet each of you personally. I hope to help you fulfill your Collectors Dreams, in a completely new full Immersion experience, created to suit your Unique taste. I plan to schedule a small number of limited attendance tours each year. Each dedicated to a single Antiquarian Theme. Impeccably curated, to make your excursion as Wonderful and Fantasy filled as possible. We will step back in time  and let the best of the Past fill our Souls with all manner of Romance and Mystery !


Smiles from the threshold of the year to come,

Whispering 'it will be happier'. . ."

Alfred Tennyson