March 03, 2018

Tea Party at the Huntington

What a Wonderful way to spend the day! Strolling the magnificent grounds of the Huntington Library, Delighting in the Decadent Abundance of Flora and Fauna, Salivating over Peerless works of Art, and literally lose our collected minds over the Aw Inspiring Book collection housed in its Library. And if all that wasn't enough, a Tea room too ! Definitely save the date

May 20, 2018

Flea Market Wonderings

Re-purpose, Reuse, and Recycle, sounds a lot like Antiquing to me, how about you? Well if that's the case then I am a champion R.R.Rer. So let the 'Games' begin! Join me for a fun filled day, getting dirty and digging through bounteous treasures, eating hot dogs, and bonding with our fellow Warrior Princesses. Your sure to sleep well after traversing the Humongous Pasadena landmark site, and for all our true Antiquarian's it will be a day to remember, with the bonus of making new friends along the way. See you there, or be square !

June 22, 2018

Artist Retreat in Carmel

A Story Book setting, perfect for all our budding Artist. Well indulge all our senses and watch the beauty of the setting transmute itself through our eager hands. A weekend of creation and workshops, yoga and meditation, and food suited for the Goddesses We Are, and we can't forget Exclusive Spa services, what more can you ask for? Well I know, but look at it this way, this may just be where you find him !

July 21, 2018

Aspiring Writers Workshop

Join us, for a weekend of brain storming, and vitally important critiques and advise from Professionals. Naturally you'll benefit from the careful care and feeding of all are members, with Wine and Cheese tastings and super yummy Chocolate tastings. Precisely what is called for to rev-up the sagging spirits of an aspiring Artist. Chocolate cures all ills!

December 30, 2018

Black Tie Theater Evening


November 10, 2018

Night of Ballet


September 15, 2018

Symphony Under The Stars


December 08, 2018

Holliday To Remember


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