Mid Summers Night Masqurade

A Grand Opening and Introduction To the Wonderful Whimzical World of Algernon's Journey !

November 03, 2018

We hope you'll join us for a Magical Evening of Shakespearean Follies. All in celebration of the launch of our new  Fantasy filled Romantic Lifestyle Website/Blog Algernon's Journey! I know you'll want to be present for the fun, and meet the team prepared to usher you into our World of Grown Up Fantasy; where we hope to inspire your Bibliophile Dreams and Antiquarian Desires, by immersing ourselves in real life History, Arts, Literature, Politics, Love, and all the everyday minutiae of life, that serves to create the vast Tapestry of our World. We propose to make learning ,creating, and expressing your Deepest Desires, a thing of Beauty, and a much Desired Destination ! So . . .                   

Enter at Your Will ! Welcome To My Fantasy !

D.M. Phillippe

Algernon's Journey !
A Truly Wondrously Unique Experience !

Tolsoy and Trains, A Trip to Remember, Live Your Romance!

Join, as we step back in time and indulge in Tolsoyian Fantasy !

March 24, 2018

Where better to read and indulge in Tolstoy, than on a train? Join us as we learn of the Author, Humanitarian, Man, Husband ,Father, Son, and leader of a movement against his own class. Oh , yes and of course, reading and discussing his famous Tomes. And lest you think this is all an Academic endeavor, I must disabuse you of that notion. For I'll Expect you to come attired for the period, and indulge liberally in the wine and cheese tastings, sommelier lessons, piano recitals, and period appropriate entertainments with decadent luxuries tastefully interspersed, designed to insure your maximum comfort and pleasure.

When the travel itself was an integral part of the trip, and you actually Dressed for the occasion, Imagine

Join Me In one of my `Favorite Things'!


Algernon's Journey

A Truly Wondrously Unique Experience!

,A Victorian Picnic, A Scrumptous Romantic Interlude !

Crochet Anyone? Poetry And Prose, A Perfectly Splendid Way to Spend a Lovely Spring Day !

May 05, 2018

Join us for a trip through time, and enjoy a wonderful Victorian picnic amid a Magical floral paradise in the storied hills of Santa Barbra, California. In a Story Book Rose Garden. We'll enjoy the beautiful setting, elegant service, delicious edibles, curated especially for us, and a symposium on the care of Old World Roses, that is not to be missed if your a lover of fragrant Damask Roses. Before Leaving Well Enjoy A reading From a selection of Victorian Poetry, and a recital that will melt your heart. A day that will surly live on in our memories. . .  

Another Romantic Adventure From Algernon's Journey !

Yours Always


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Algernon's Journey !

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