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A Truly 

   Wondrously Unique  Experience

 Let me share with you the Beautiful Curiosities, and Fascinating What-Nots, Interspersed with Exquisite Antique Luxuries,and Literary Treasures, collected over a Lifetime of Wondrous Excursions.  

Together we'll locate your Secret Desires, for yourself or the Antiquarian you love

Evocative Excursions and Passionate Exploration .....

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If Music Be The Food Of Love Play On !

Find Your Romance !

I hope to help you fulfill your collectors dreams, in a completely new full immersion experience, created for your  unique taste. Together we'll step back in time and let the best of the past fill our souls with all manner of Romance and Mystery !

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William Shakespeare

Come Join The Adventure,  And Be The Heroine You've Always Known Yourself to be !

". . . for the present age, which prefers the picture to the thing pictured, the copy to the original, imagination to reality, or the appearance to the essence

. . . illusion alone is sacred to this age, but truth profane . . . so that the highest degree of illusion is to it the highest degree of sacredness."

                                                                           Ludwig Feuerbach

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Lets pledge to dedicate 1 month each year to conservation. As a group we can make a difference. We can contribute to the efforts to save Endangered Species, through volunteer work and fund raising. We can also help to save our planet and advocate and champion legislation to create a healthy and sustainable world for 2 leg , 4 leg, no leg or many legged beings. This is what the power of the Feminine is meant for. If not now, When? If not you, Who? Let it be Now, Let It be You . . . Let it be Us !

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"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever had."

Margaret Mead

A Celebration of the 'Book'!