Apr 3, 2017

Perhaps I'm not as Technologically Incompetent as I Thought


Edited: Apr 4, 2017

Dear Members;

When I began this adventure, the one thing I was quite confident of was my total lack of competence in computing (to say nothing of my 1 finger typing)and that I was in desperate need of a partner, with the technical skills I so obviously lacked. My thoughts were that virtually everyone living was far more capable then I, and that finding a partner would be as easy as finding someone with a cell phone.

Funny thing that, seems what I comprehended as computer literacy was in actuality an audacious fearlessness when it comes to pushing buttons. I also found that most never actually read what ever they landed on, they merely skimmed for key words, and clicked on before even the fastest of minds could have absorbed the contents. My queries were met with blank stares, and advise to watch you tube.

I still am in the market for a partner, but I now realize that just like reading,' just because someone has read a book, does not mean they actually comprehended the book'. And while I believe I have advanced to approximately the 2nd grade in computing school, my typing skills have improved not one iota, but I have impressed myself (just a little, no worries about getting a swelled head anytime soon), my techno-phobia was quite entrenched and I was not at all sure I could overcome it, hopefully by the time this goes live I will be over the cold sweats at night and the extreme paranoia (aliens, their everywhere)and maybe just maybe I'll relent and get a cell phone, stranger things have happened.

So obviously I have a lot to learn, and maybe you do too, or even better you can teach us. Whatever the case, I promise for myself to be an eager and willing student and to pass along any tips I have for anyone unlucky enough to be even more of a novice than I. I am determined to push that rubber tree plant, even if I am a little old ant . . .

Yours as always,


" No thief, however skillful, can rob one of knowledge, and that is why knowledge is the best and safest treasure to acquire

L. Frank Baum

'Goodnight Sweet Prince, and flight of angels sing thee to thy rest.'

Horatio, Hamlet,  William Shakespeare

"Dress Shabbily and they remember the Dress;

Dress Impeccably and they remember the Woman."

Coco Chanel

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